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New Publications - Miss Smith in Lockdown 1, 2 & 3

Available for £10 including postage - Email Diana MIlstein - Payment by bank transfer

Miss Smith in Lockdown booklet
Miss Smith in Lockdown postcard miss smith in lockdown 3

Diana Milstein

I am an artist living & working in Somerset, England.
"The Extraordinary Adventures of Miss Smith" is a series of paintings / prints about a little old lady whose life is transformed by her belief in the power of magic.

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The images on this website are available as A5 Greeting Cards at £3 each (plus £1 p&p)
Please order by the image number above the image title (e.g. 7-2 or 4-3) and

A full list of image titles and numbers is here

Giclee prints and some original paintings available for sale. Originals are all A3 size. Limited edition, hand signed giclee prints available in mounts £90 each. Some original paintings available, please email the artist if interested

Miss Smith



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Series 1 - The Journey Begins

Series 2 - Wings & Things

Series 3 - The Garden

Series 4 - Matters of the Heart

Series 5 - Further Adventures

Series 6 - Miss Smith's World Art Tour

Series 7 - The Seaside


Series 8 - Other

Series 9 - Christmas Cards

Series 10 - Miss Smith gets crafty


Series 11 - Adventures in America




Glastonbury's original Miss Smith Postcard book
22 Postcards from the life of Miss Smith
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Or or phone 01458 833577
to place an order
£9.99 + 78p postage.
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New publication with Miss Smith illustrations £6.99 + postage. Available on Amazon or from Speaking Tree bookshop or email Diana Milstein