‘The Almost Complete Works of Miss Smith ‘ – a hardback coffee table sized book with 176 sewn pages. Twenty seven years of Miss Smith images and writing all in one book! More than 150 colour plates. Artist’s limited edition, £35 (p&p not included). Contact the artist if interested. Thank you !

I first stumbled across Miss Smith one sunny afternoon in an artist’s studio at the bottom of Glastonbury Tor. The selection of witty and profound monoprints hanging on the wall immediately had me entranced. Who is this Miss Smith? I wondered.
Who made these sublime works? Why haven’t I ever seen them before? Why isn’t Miss Smith famous? Why isn’t there a book about her? Hungry for more, I left a note in the visitors book asking if Miss Smith needed a publisher. She did, and so her journey to international stardom began.
What is it about Diana Milstein’s work that is so captivating? Her Chagallish colours? Her careful compositions? Her clever use of line and texture? All these come together in every plate in this book. But no, the wonder of this collection is surely Miss Smith herself, her unbridled joy, her perceptive intelligence and her innocent honesty.
In the same way that the great visionary poet and artist William Blake advises his reader to see the world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a flower, Miss Smith and her guardian angel remind us that we are never alone, and that beauty and revelation surround us, all the time.
Allow Miss Smith to transform your day, and watch as Miss Smith transforms the world….. John Martineau, CEO Wooden Books Ltd

Never Die Wondering

Publication with Miss Smith illustrations. Available on Amazon or contact Diana Milstein