Miss Smith Card List

Series 1 – The Journey Begins

1-1 Miss Smith appears out of the blue
1-2 Miss Smith is touched
1-3 Miss Smith has a dream
1-4 Miss Smith takes off
1-5 Miss Smith meets the stones
1-6 Miss Smith meets the little people
1-7 Miss Smith tunes into nature
1-8 Miss Smith discovers her family tree


Series 2 – Wings & Things

2-1 “Wings on the washing line!. Whatever next?”
2-2 Miss Smith conducts the dawn chorus
2-3 Miss Smith flies along
2-4 Miss Smith discovers that her creative talents know no bounds
2-5 Now tell me Miss Smith, when did you first notice the change?”
2-6 Miss Smith does the ironing


Series 3 – The Garden

3-1 Miss Smith plants her stone circle
3-2 Miss Smith waters her garden
3-3 Miss Smith takes the plunge
3-4 Miss Smith finds her green fingers
3-5“It’s no secret” said Miss Smith, “I just love them”
3-6 Miss Smith mows her own crop circle
3-7 Miss Smith at the Eden Project
3-8 Miss Smith finds her well being
3-9 Miss Smith gets cracking


Series 4 – Matters of the Heart

4-1 Miss Smith retrieves the passion of her youth
4-2 Miss Smith has a night on the tiles
4-3 “Now don’t you worry” said Miss Smith, “the Goddess comes in all shapes and sizes!’
4-4 Miss Smith tries on a new hat and finds herself becoming…
4-5 ”It says handle with care”
4-6 Where it led they did not know but they knew that it was good!


Series 5 – Further Adventures

5-1 You are never too old for adventure! Said Miss Smith
5-2 Miss Smith takes a stand
5-3 Miss Smith takes to the open road
5-4 Miss Smith lost in the mists of Avalon
5-5 Miss Smith loses her hat and finds the Tor
5-6 Miss Smith sends out a message
5-7 Miss Smith takes it all in her stride
5-8 Miss Smith takes the leyline
5-9 Ever the optimist. Miss Smith pedals her way into spring
5-10 Miss Smith takes her nightly stroll
5-11 Miss Smith on the stairway to the stars
5-12 Miss Smith is touched again
5-13 “The world is your oyster Miss Smith”
5-14 “Onwards!” said Miss Smith
5-15 Miss Smith embraces the winds of change
5-16 Imagine my luck!” said Miss Smith, “ I was only looking for a b and b!”
5-17 “No borders, no barriers!“ said Miss Smith .”Oh to be free as a bird!”


Series 6 – Miss Smith’s World Art Tour

6-1 Miss Smith meets Andy Warhol
6-2 Miss Smith gets absorbed by Rothko
6-3 Miss Smith does a shift for Mr Gormley
6-4 Miss Smith wonders what Mr Blake was on about!
6-5 Miss Smith’s joy of innocence
6-6 “Quite so Mr Blake” said Miss Smith


Series 7 – The Seaside

7-1 Miss Smith puts herself in the picture
7-2 Miss Smith stands in awe!
7-3 “Over there Miss Smith, that’s the sea!”
7-4 Miss Smith in the tube
7-5 Miss Smith meets David Attenborough
7-6 “Yes I always keep good company!” said Miss Smith
7-7 Better than shopping by far!
7-8 “Well there’s only one way to find out!”
7-9 “Aha!” said Miss Smith, “My ship’s coming in!”
7-10 “Time for a celebration Miss Smith!”
7-11 Miss Smith hears the call of the sea again


Series 8 – Other

8-1 Miss Smith’s lucky day!
8-2 Shopping is no longer a chore!
8-3 Miss Smith finds her power animal
8-4 Miss Smith does hands on healing
8-5 Miss Smith sees her scorpio rising
8-6 The angel drops by
8-7 Mr Jones is all eyes!
8-8 “And they tell me there’s an energy crisis! Said Miss Smith


Series 9 – Christmas Cards

9-1 “I think the holy thorn makes the best Christmas tree!” said Miss Smith (packs of 5 cards)
9-2 Wintry scene (card pack of 5 cards)


Series 10 – Miss Smith gets crafty

10-1 “Great things have small beginnings“ said Miss Smith
10-2 “I tuck her up at night and she starts a treat every time“ said Miss Smith
10-3 “Just a flying visit” said Miss Smith
10-4 Miss Smith discovers the politics of knitting!


Series 11 – Adventures in America

11-1 Miss Smith expands her horizons
11-2 “All you need is a cuppa to make you feel at home” said Miss Smith
11-3 Miss Smith has a taste of life on the edge
11-4 Miss Smith hits the big time!


other Miss Smiths not currently available as cards

82 Miss Smith feeds the birds
83 Miss Smith discovers that life has it’s ups and downs
84 Miss Smith takes a moment
85 Miss Smith is taken by surprise
86 “You see” said the angel,” all paths lead towards the light!”
87 Miss Smith at the crossroads
88 Miss Smith takes up martial arts